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Present Simple - Verb TO BE

I) Fill in the gaps with am/is/are:
1.This house _____ small.
2.Pete _____ tall.
3.Susan and Tim _____ my best friends.
4.My name ______ Tess.
5.My roommates ______ really good friends.
6.I _____ an actor.
7.You _____ awesome!
8.The weather ______ great!
9.There ______ a great restaurant nearby.
10.What ______ your favourite colour?
II) Circle the correct answer:
1.My keys am/is/are on the desk.
2.Tom am/is/are a doctor.
3.You am/is/are fabulous.
4.This am/is/are ridiculous.
5.My children am/is/are at school now.
6.I am/is/are a bit hungry.
7.Darija am/is/are from Russia.
8.We am/is/are very friendly.
9.I am/is/are very tired.
10.You am/is/are my honey!
III) Questions with am/is/are
1.Who _____ your best friend?.
2.What ______ your favourite colour?
3.______ your parents at home?
4.______ I late for the test?
5.Where ______ you from?
6.Where ______ she now?
7._____ you thirsty?
8.How old ______ your brothers?
9.What colour ______ your eyes?
10.Why ______ this book so expensive?
11._____ you married?
12.Who _____ that woman?
13.Where ______ they now? We ______ late!
14.Where ______ you from?
15.What ______ the weather like today?
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FREE Daily and Weekly Planners for downloading

Here you can find FREE daily and weekly planners, all in PDF formats:

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Fitness Planner - 5 pages. You can see all the pages in the preview:

*meal plan; shopping list
*progress page with photo spaces of you before and after
*daily log page
*measurement page
*excuses page

There are also few motivational quotes.

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For all those people who like to plan everything. These are the free printables that are intended for PLANNER LOVERS - busy women. Just click on the images and you'll be directed to the site where you can download them. The sky is limit for numerous ways you can use these printables!

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*How often do you drink coffee?
Adverbs of frequency are placed after verb TO BE, but before OTHER verbs.

1. I usually have breakfast at 7.
2. I'm always very tired after work.

Adverbs of frequency: never, sometimes, usually, often, always

Friday, 8 April 2016


Fill in the gaps with the proper phrasal verbs from the table at the right (several options are sometimes possible):

1.  It took her a while to __________   him.
2.  Listen everyone, it's time to stop talking and  __________   with our class.
3.  Children, it's time to stop playing around and finally _______ studying.
4.  Wake up! It's time to  __________ ! You'll miss the class!
5.  Although I couldn't speak the language, I managed to _________my meaning _______ when necessary.
6.  Our new boss is very easy to __________   .
7.  __________   from the stove, it's very hot!
8.  Don't let these problems _____you _________ too much.
9.  According to Fitness Magazine, there are eight simple ways to _________ belly bloat.
10.     Do you have enough to  __________ this month?
11.     It is hard to  __________ without a car.
12.     I've just telephoned her but couldn't  __________   .
13.     My little brown dog hid where no one was able to  __________   , so we had to ask for help.
14.     I don't know how, but the secret somehow  __________   .
15.     Be kind and  __________  from  my lawn!
16.     When do you usually  __________ in the morning?
17.     I always  __________ the stuff I don't need or give them away to some charity organisation.
18.     I don't think I can really  __________ what you're saying. Could you please explain it in more details?
19.      Tom won't  __________ with his crime, I'm pretty sure for that!
20.     Ok people stop talking please and  let's  __________   business now.
21.     I think my parents don't have any problems. I think they  __________   now.
22.      I suppose I'll  __________   early today and go fishing if my boss allows.
23.     The teacher's always  __________   me about my spelling.
24.     He kept talking to me and I couldn't get away from him.
25.     You won't  __________   with your fraud and you know it!
26.     The files are locked away and I can't  __________   them.
27.     We'll have to  __________   the problem of fixing our washing machine first.
28.     My grandmother needs a stick to  __________   .
29.     I didn't succeed to ______ my message_________ to my students.
30.     She didn't  __________   the bus I think. She actually missed the right station!
31.     Ok, people let's  __________  the text again, shall we?


phrasal verbs with GET ; PHRASAL VERBS

Friday, 25 March 2016


NOTE: Although it's a very complicated issue in grammar as there is lots of variation in usage, the most common order is:

a /an